Wasps Growing in Numbers

In 2010 calls to wasp nest removal companies trebled over a few months due to warm weather and households allowing nests to go untreated due to having to cut back on spending.

The National Pest Technicians Association warns that people should not attempt to remove wasps nests themselves.  In 2010 that organisation saw a 47% increase in wasp enquiries and with more warm weather expected this year, and wasp nests growing in size as the season progresses, wasp-related enquiries are expected to rise again.  Their chairman Peter Crowden said that dealing with wasp nests should be left to the experts.

A nest reported to measure 6ft by 5ft (1.8m by 1.5m) and contain half-a-million wasps was found in the attic of a pub in Southampton.  A professor from Sheffield University’s department of animal and plant sciences, said “A hot August will mean there will be more insects around, and this will allow the wasps’ nests to get bigger.  This means we can expect more wasps around in the autumn when the nests start to break down”.

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