Wasp Numbers Still Increasing

THERE is a buzz in the air this summer, as experts report soaring numbers of wasps in the county.  According to local pest-controllers, increased numbers of the notorious black and yellow stingers have been spotted across several parts of the UK.

One company reported removing up to 21 nests from homes in a single day, compared to an average of only two being dealt with each day last year.  This year’s unusually hot spring has been identified as a possible cause for the increase, with colonies becoming active earlier than in previous years.

Anyone who finds a nest in their home are advised to stay away from it, as wasp stings can trigger fatal reactions in people who have an allergy to the stings.  You should call in a firm who specialise in wasp control.  If you have a wasp problem, <a title=”Contact” href=””>call Merlin Environmental</a>, experts who will be happy to advise you.