Nuisance Wasps

Wasps can cause mayhem in the summer garden, especially when you are eating outside. However, it is important to realise that wasps are a vital part of the garden’s natural balance and devour pests such as caterpillars and aphids.  Early in the season wasps feed this protein source to their young, who exude a sweet substance for the adults.
As the brood matures, the adults need to satisfy their sweet craving elsewhere and that’s when the problems start.

If you have a wasp nest that you can’t live with call your local pest control experts to deal with it.

You could try and rid the wasps yourself but this can lead to problems. Wasp traps come either with an attractant or you add your own sweet concoction to entice them but remember that the trap will need emptying and you risk being stung if it contains a wasp that hasn’t expired.  Plus, dying wasps release an attack pheromone, a signal to other wasps of danger, so proceed carefully and watch for reinforcements.

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