Spring season attracts squirrels into your loft!

Grey squirrels are skilled climbers. Before you know it, they are smart at gaining access into inaccessible areas of your house such as lofts.

Even if you do not live near a forestry area, telephone lines act as a pathway for potential intruders onto your roof. Once onto your roof, all it takes is one loose tile for a squirrel to squeeze under into your loft.

Our lofts are ideal habitats for squirrels. Lofts are perfect breeding grounds as they are warm and can keep squirrels sheltered from bitter, rainy weather, making them much more preferable over a hollow oak tree.

Spring is the time of year when squirrels are looking for places to breed. If you have heard any noises coming from your loft such as the sound of scurrying footsteps across your attic’s floor and occasional nibbling, then you may have a squirrel pest problem.

It is crucial to tackle this problem immediately otherwise they can do more damage than chew onto your possessions, but have potential to cause a power cut throughout your house. Breeding occurs twice a year – in spring and in summer.  If you do not tend to this issue early in the year, the infestation will only become worse as months go by.

Unfortunately if you try and tackle squirrels infestation yourself, the chances of eradicating them and ensuring that they do not return is slim. Squirrels are fast, agile pests and if you do not pay attention to the entry they made– the more likely more potential intruders may nest themselves in the future.
Finally it is hard to identify how many are in your loft and most home techniques you perform won’t guarantee 100% removal of squirrel infestation.

It is in your best interests to contact Merlin Pest Control to tackle this problem – we can ensure that your loft is completely free of pest infestation; we will make your loft and roofing squirrel resistant to make certain that not only squirrels cannot sneak into your home but any other possible rodents such as rats and mice.