Spheksophobia – Wasp Phobia

Top tips for dealing with wasp phobia:

  • Try to stop the feeling of panic, the situation will pass away quickly if you are in control
  • Breathe slowly and deeply. This is something you can practice so that it will come naturally to you when the need arises
  • Move slowly and carefully away from the wasp(s) – violent and sudden movements can make the wasp(s) more aggressive
  • Try to put your fear into perspective – wasps are not life threatening for most people
  • Don’t focus on the wasp. The more you attend to your fear the worse the response will be.
  • Over time, try to learn how you deal with wasps. Observe one from a safe distance and gradually reduce the distance between you and the wasp. By standing perfectly still you will learn that the wasp is not a threat to you
  • Talk to other people about your phobia – you may pick up some hints and tips on how to overcome your fear. Use the internet or your local library to read about wasps and their habits – knowledge is power!

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