Commercial Pest Control

Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurant and Cafes

Restaurant kitchenThe production of food for customers in all catering establishments demands high levels of hygiene.

Having pests on the premises can not only lose you customers, it may well lead to closure – something faced by hundreds of restaurants each week because of poor hygiene and ineffective pest control.

Merlin work with owners of many restaurants, cafes, pubs, canteens and other caterers providing high quality, effective pest control programmes.

The key to effective pest control is in prevention – it will:

  • minimise overall costs of pest control
  • reduce risk of lost stock
  • avoid the potential of closure and downtime
  • avoid potentially disastrous PR.

Our technical experts will work with you to devise effective defences against pests and advise on working practices that can stop pests ever becoming a problem.

If you are experiencing a particular pest problem we can work with you to eradicate the pest as swiftly as possible, and minimise any disruption to your business.

Get open again quickly

In the event that your restaurant has been closed then you will want to get it open again as quickly as possible. Merlin have considerable experience of getting restaurants re-opened quickly.

As well as implementing pest control, clear-ups and advising on pest control hygiene we have considerable experience of consultation with councils which we can do on your behalf. This can lead to re-opening weeks quicker than normal and saving you a considerable amount of money.

Why use Merlin

We are responsible for training other pest experts, so when you use Merlin you will be using ‘Experts Expert’, and will benefit from the leading knowledge and expertise in the pest control industry.

You are assured of absolute discretion at all times. For example, our teams use unmarked vans so that pest control is a ‘hidden service’.

Call Merlin now on 0800 037 7332 for advice on the pest control for your business or request a survey request online.