Commercial Pest Control



Pharmaceutical manufactureWith the demand of zero tolerance to pests in the pharmaceutical industry, you will require a company that has a proven track record of providing high quality pest control in the pharmaceuticals industry and the continuity of technicians to provide consistency of service.

We understand the unique requirements for pharmaceutical pest control and are conversant with the requirements of different countries regulatory bodies. The global nature of the pharmaceuticals trade means we regularly have to comply with the requirements of multiple countries. We also understand the processes and relevant requirements at all stages of the production line.

Used by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers

We have developed a sophisticated range of products and services that fit into integrated pest management systems employed on sites. Many of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers use Merlin to provide them with high quality, effective pest control programmes.

Not only do we provide effective control but or multi-discipline approach addresses every aspect of the pest management system. Starting with input from our ecologist we gain an in depth understanding of the local ecosystem, pest control technicians and field biologist carry out any control measures including environmental manipulation. Intensive monitoring and exclusion strategies minimise pesticide usage and provide long term trend data. We monitor the environmental impact of our activities to ensure we minimise any local disturbance caused by our activity.

The key to effective pest control is in prevention – it will:

  • minimise overall costs of pest control
  • avoid the potential of closure and downtime
  • avoid loss of stock due to contamination
  • avoid potentially disastrous PR.

Our technical experts will work with you to devise effective defences against pests and advise on working practices that can stop pests ever becoming a problem.

As well as pest control programmes we offer a consultancy service if you require advice, training and audits.

Why use Merlin

Our Directors have worked for many years in both the Pest control and pharmaceuticals industries. They have experience of most aspects of pharmaceutical production ranging from research and development, through bulk API production and unit production to packaging and distribution. We currently work on sites involved in human and veterinary therapeutic active production and storage as well as non-therapeutic actives such as biocides. We are responsible for training other pest experts, so when you use Merlin you will be using ‘Experts Expert’, and will benefit from the leading knowledge and expertise in the pest control industry..

For advice on the pest control in the pharmaceutical industry call Merlin now on 0800 037 7332 or complete a survey request online.