Commercial Pest Control

Packing Plants

Packing Plants

If you are packing goods for your business, or someone else, then it is critical to control pests.

Packing plantPest control has become a very important aspect of choosing a packing company, so it is very important to be seen to have the best possible pest control, as it can help grow your business.

Our cutting edge technology in eradication and our expertise in prevention make us the first choice for many packing companies. It will give you the confidence that nothing unexpected will turn up in one of your customers boxes.

The key to effective pest control is in prevention – it will:

  • minimise overall costs of pest control
  • reduce risk of lost stock
  • avoid the potential of closure and downtime
  • avoid potentially disastrous PR.
  • retain customers
  • help get new customers

Our technical experts will work with you to devise effective defences against pests and advise on working practices that can stop pests ever becoming a problem.

If you are experiencing a particular pest problem we can work with you to eradicate the pest as swiftly as possible, and minimise any disruption to your business.

As well as pest control programmes we offer a consultancy service if you require advice, training and audits.

Why use Merlin

We are responsible for training other pest experts, so when you use Merlin you will be using ‘Experts Expert’, and will benefit from the leading knowledge and expertise in the pest control industry.

You are assured of absolute discretion at all times. For example, our teams use unmarked vans so that pest control is a ‘hidden service’.

Call Merlin now on 0800 037 7332 for advice on the pest control for your business or complete a survey request online.