Commercial Pest Control



Merlin Environmental has considerable knowledge of, and experience in, pest control for the construction industry working with large and small construction companies.

Protection of your workforce is paramount as well as protection of the structures, particularly from rodents and birds.

Pest Control - ConstructionBirds

It is important that birds are controlled properly by experts. For example, flock reduction needs to be managed in a way that does not cause problems with other buildings nearby – you will not be popular if the birds leave your building only to start perching on the neighbours roofs!

Merlin also provide a ‘clear up’ service to remove the mess after the birds have been removed.


Rats and mice can adapt to almost any environment. They pose a significant health hazard and can cause considerable damage to property and stock.

Because of their rapid reproductive potential they often expand rapidly and it is recommended that they are dealt with at the earliest opportunity to minimise damage and reduce the cost of control.

Poor pest control can cause further problems, so be sure to consult the experts. Every aspect of the pest control needs to be done properly, including such aspects as timing which can have an impact on effectiveness of results.

Why use Merlin

We are responsible for training other pest experts, so when you use Merlin you will be using ‘Experts Expert’, and will benefit from the leading knowledge and expertise in the pest control industry.

You are assured of absolute discretion at all times. For example, our teams use unmarked vans so that pest control is a ‘hidden service’.

Call Merlin now on 0800 037 7332 for advice on the pest control for your business or complete a survey request online.