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  • Aircraft Pest Control

    Aircraft Our aim

    Our aim as a company is to become the world’s leading dedicated aircraft pest control company. To achieve this we have partnered with leading pest control consultants, aircraft engineers, Canine detection specialists and thermal remediation engineers. This gives our technicians the scientific and technical support necessary to offer aircraft operators the services they need, developed specifically for the industry, discharged with unrivalled levels of skill.

    Our services

    Our pest detection and eradication services are available at London Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, we can also operate from other regional UK airports by arrangement. We offer both proactive and reactive pest control services designed to tackle the challenges faced in the modern aerospace industry.

    Our successes

    In the short history of our company we have:

    • developed new detection systems for bed bugs in aircraft.
    • Pioneered “small capsule thermal remediation” for localised bed bug infestations.
    • Established protocols for large capsule pressurised heat treatment for whole cabin bed bug infestations.
    • Developed localised small capsule thermal remediation for cockroaches in galleys

    Since the foundation of the company we have carried out pest monitoring and eradication programmes on a variety of aircraft ranging from the smallest turbo prop to multi deck long haul and cargo aircraft. We have systems to resolve and manage all common pest problems as well as the emerging issues such as bed bugs and the more exotic problems that can occur on aircraft.

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