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Specialist Pest Control

Specialist Pest Control

We help all types of businesses in a wide range of sectors. Within our commercial division we have specialist practitioners for:

Pigeons and seagulls, typical pest birds, can be a nuisance but also a danger to staff and the public, especially during the nesting season when they can nest on buildings and rooftop plant machinery. Ground nesting birds, like skylarks and lapwings, cause delays and problems to re-development projects and construction sites.

Many of the leading companies use us as pest control specialists,  not only for our expertise in eradicating a particular problem, but for programmes of prevention. We can help with pest eradication, pest prevention and consultancy.

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With a team of pest experts on hand we provide sensibly-priced pest control for any pests. You will find our pest controllers friendly and helpful, not only removing the pests for you, but also offering help and advice on preventing the problem re-occuring.

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