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Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroachWhat do oriental cockroaches look like?

Oriental cockroaches are black in colour and are 20 to 30mm long. They have wings but cannot fly, instead they use their six legs to scuttle. Unlike German cockroaches, oriental cockroaches cannot climb up vertical surfaces. Both have long thread-like antennae that they use to sense food.

How quickly do oriental cockroaches multiply?

A female oriental cockroach produces 6 egg capsules during her lifetime, each of which will hold 16 individual eggs. She leaves the egg capsules near a food source and they hatch in 12 weeks. They hit sexual maturity after moulting between 7 to 10 times over the course of five to nine months.

Where do oriental cockroaches live?

The oriental cockroach is tolerant of the cold and will live in basements, drains, sewers and outside rubbish stores. In the home they can be found under sinks in kitchens and bathrooms (they like water) as well as behind skirting boards, large appliances and furniture.

What are the signs of an oriental cockroach infestation?

  • Seeing a cockroach in the day means that their nests are full and you have a serious infestation. They are nocturnal insects, meaning at night you are likely to come across large numbers of them.
  • Brown smear marks across surfaces. If the infestation is near a water source, then cockroach faeces will look like a smear. If the cockroaches are not near water, their faeces will look more like a fine black dust.
  • A nasty odour. Especially near their nests.
  • Moulted skins. Cockroaches shed their skins as they grow to adulthood.
  • Dead cockroaches.Empty egg cases, they are small, brown and purse-shaped.

Does an oriental cockroach infestation need controlling?

Oriental cockroaches reproduce quickly and are resistant to commercially available poisons. They should be professionally exterminated as soon as they are spotted.

  • As oriental cockroaches can be found in sewers, drains and rubbish bins, illness-causing germs attach themselves to their bodies. The germs are then transferred to human surfaces such as kitchen worktops, cooking utensils and furniture.
  • Oriental cockroaches spread germs that cause a wide range of illnesses. These include salmonella, E. Coli, Streptococcus and poliomyelitis.
  • Worm eggs are also spread by cockroaches, such as hookworms, pinworms and even tapeworms.
  • Damage, both commercial and in the home. Oriental cockroaches will eat anything including paper and plastic packaging, leather and foodstuffs.
  • Commercial premises such as laundries and hospitals are common breeding grounds for cockroaches as they are excellent food and water sources.
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