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German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches

German cockroachWhat do German cockroaches look like?

German cockroaches are small, measuring only 0.51 inches across and 0.63 inches long. They are brown in colour with two black stripes that stretch downwards behind their heads. They have wings, but cannot fly and long waving antennae.

How quickly do German cockroaches multiply?

Very quickly. A female cockroach will produce up to 40 babies from one egg capsule. During her lifetime she will drop eight capsules resulting in 3-400 nymphs. Each nymph then becomes sexually mature after only eight to 12 weeks.

Where do German cockroaches live?

As the German cockroach is so little it can live in the tiniest of cracks. Door hinges, ceiling and floor joints, electronic devices, furniture joints and even under labels on cans and jars are all popular hiding places for them. German cockroaches don’t like the cold so they tend to find warm indoor homes with plenty of food and water.

What are the signs of a German cockroach infestation?

  • When excited or afraid, German cockroaches give off a nasty smell.
  • As they multiply so quickly you will see them. There is no such thing as just one cockroach.
  • Faeces. They look like small black spots and are not always easy to see.
  • Cockroaches shed their skins, you will come across crisp brown material.
  • Dead cockroaches.
  • Empty egg cases, they are small, brown and purse-shaped.

Does a German cockroach infestation need controlling?

Yes. Due to their rate of reproduction a small infestation can get out of control very speedily.

  • As German cockroaches prefer to frequent sewers and rubbish bins, they are serious carriers of germs. These germs attach themselves to the cockroach body and are then transferred to human surfaces such as plates, cutlery and table tops.
  • German cockroaches spread an impressive range of illnesses. These include salmonella, E. Coli, Streptococcus and poliomyelitis.
  • Worm eggs are also spread by cockroaches, such as hookworms, pinworms and even tapeworms.
  • German cockroaches quickly become resistant to commercial aerosols and poisons.
  • They will eat a diverse amount of food. As well as their preferred options which are sweet, meaty or greasy, they will also eat toothpaste, soap and glue. It is difficult to starve them out!
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