Merlin Environmental featured on the BBC

Merlin Environmental have recently been featured on the BBC documentary series, Human Planet. Our short film exposes what it’s like to live with bed bugs, and how our bed bug dogs can detect an infestation.

As the film highlights, living with bed bugs can be incredibly unpleasant. Falling asleep whilst knowing there are bed bugs in your home can cause a great deal of anxiety, as does having to suffer their bites.

Living with bed bugs is still an enormous challenge

Human Planet is about mankind’s relationship with nature in the world today. It’s important to draw attention to the relationship we have with bed bugs, because they are still a major nuisance. Thanks to an increase in travel, these ‘urban intruders’ are now in more homes and businesses than ever before.

As well as causing sleepless nights, bed bugs can drive customers away from hotels and B&Bs. They can infest entire airlines and public buses. Bed bugs are attracted to humans through heat and body odor, and blood is their only food therefore they are always found where humans live.

Watch our BBC film to see our detection dog Charlie in action

The short film features our chocolate Labrador Charlie. It shows how effective bed bug detection dogs are at sniffing out an infestation.

Bed bugs hey like clean warm houses and, once in, they breed quickly. They can hide in beds, sofas, furniture, fabric, walls, and floors. Dogs’ noses are forty-four times more sensitive than humans, meaning they are much better at finding infestations. As the film shows, Charlie is able to locate them in a fraction of the time a human could, which allows his controller Adam to follow up by spraying affected areas with precision.

Watch our BBC feature on YouTube or Google + to see how effective bed bug detection dogs are

Merlin Environmental has a long history of successfully eradicating bed bug infestations. We have been called ‘the experts’ expert’ because we offer advice to other pest control companies.

Merlin is very pleased to be featured on the BBC’s Human Planet, and hope it will raise awareness about living and dealing with bed bugs.

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