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Why Merlin?

Why Merlin Environmental?

Merlin Environmental are at the leading edge of pest control. We are the ‘experts expert’, training and advising many other pest companies.

Not only do we use the latest techniques, but we also teach other pest controllers the best way to eliminate and manage pests.

We have invested in ensuring a scientific approach to control, utilising the best techniques and advising on pest prevention wherever possible to minimise problems and reduce cost.


Merlin Environmental has a team of experts on hand – entomologists, field biologists, animal behavioural specialists, and environmental health officers – to make sure that any pest problem that you have, however unusual, can be resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

With large sites there can be a vast quantity of data to analyse so we also employ data analysts as required.

Because of our standing in the industry we also assist with field trials for manufacturers and suppliers of pest control products. We have been involved in the development of many novel systems and techniques, putting us at the cutting edge of the industry.

Pest Control TechnicianAll our technicians are trained to RSPH and BPCA standards.

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chemistTesting facilities

Using our analysis and testing facility we can help clients get the best possible results. For example, we can test which control method will eradicate a an infestation of bed bugs, minimising the ‘down time’ for an hotel, and reducing financial loss from unused rooms.

For commercial customers

Merlin Environmental are the first choice when it comes to pest control for London, Surrey & Sussex, as we look after pest control for hundreds of businesses throughout the area. Whether you are a large or small business you will still receive the same high level of service. Call us today on 0800 037 7332 to get a quote for pest control.

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