Heat Treatment to Treat Insect Infestations

Heat Treatment is the environmentally friendly way of treating insect infestations. In its simplest form infested items are encased in a protective capsule and heated air is pumped into the capsule. The temperature is monitored constantly using multiple temperature sensors. At the end of the treatment, a graphical record is produced to confirm the temperature of each sensor throughout the treatment. Heat treatment has proven successful in an increasing number of applications, either as a stand-alone treatment, or in conjunction with small-scale use of conventional insecticides. To date we have treated Food machinery, Laundry units, aircraft seating and galleys, hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins and a variety of grain storage and processing machinery with excellent results.

The key benefits of heat treatment are:

  • Immediate eradication – a single treatment kills all insects within the treatment area.
  • Reduction in treatment costs – one heat treatment is often less expensive than the multiple chemical treatments needed to achieve eradication.
  • Reduction in secondary costs – no disposal or replacement costs for items that cannot be chemically treated.
  • Chemical free process – no pesticide residues to worry about, meets Soil association requirements
  • Reduced down time – treated areas can be used immediately after completion of heat treatment.

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