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Pest Prevention

Pest Prevention Services

If you wish to keep costs down and minimise risks to your business then pest prevention is essential.

Merlin can bring years of experience in pest control for industry to your business. We help with prevention in the following ways:

  • Monitoring
    Regular monitoring of pests means that any potential problems will be picked up early, and will be much easier to deal with
  • Proofing
    We can help proof buildings – netting, blocking, structural defects, screens and other deterrents – to keep the pests out and stop them ever being a problem
  • Environmental manipulation
    We advise on storage, moving potential problem items and other changes that will help reduce the pest problems
  • Low level treatments
    Small amounts of regular treatment to keep pests at bay is the most effective, and cost efficient than dealing with pests.

Why use Merlin

We are responsible for training other pest experts, so when you use Merlin you will be using experts’ expert, and will benefit from the leading knowledge and expertise in the pest control industry.

You are assured of absolute discretion at all times. For example, our teams use unmarked vans so that pest control is a ‘hidden service’.

Call Merlin now on 0800 037 7332 for advice on the pest prevention for your business for Sussex, Surrey, London and throughout the UK or request a survey online.