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Get rid of Ants

AntsAnts are now an all year round problem. Black garden ants are the primary ant species encountered, but there are others, such as the Pharaoh Ant, which is particularly difficult to eradicate.

Correct identification of ants is critical in dealing with an ant infestation – be sure to get an expert to help with this, as dealing with the problem incorrectly can make the situation considerably worse.

Signs of ant problems

  • Live insects
  • Ant pathways
  • Small heaps of earth or dirt indicating nest sites

Potential Problems

  • Infest and contaminate food
  • Contaminate sterile areas

Business Risks

  • Loss of stock – contaminated food and other products
  • Customer relations – people can be concerned by the presence of ants
  • Lost business – compromised health and hygiene can lead to a loss in trading revenue

What to do

As there are a number of different types of ants which need to be dealt with in different ways the first step is to get an expert to identify the type of ant. They will then be able to advise on the best solution.

Pharaoh ants in particular can be a major problem, usually in blocks of flats. These pests must be dealt with by experts – techniques used to control other ants can make the infestation worse, so expert advice is critical.

Prevention can then be implemented to avoid reinfestation.

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