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Wasp Numbers Still Increasing

THERE is a buzz in the air this summer, as experts report soaring numbers of wasps in the county.  According to local pest-controllers, increased numbers of the notorious black and yellow stingers have been spotted across several parts of the UK. One company reported removing up to 21 nests from homes in a single day, […]

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Business Owners To Check For Wasps

Pest controllers are warning businesses to act now to make sure trade doesn’t suffer from pests such as wasps and flies this summer. Wasp numbers may be higher than normal this year and business owners, particularly restructures and café owners, are advised  to have a thorough check around their premises, and in spaces like lofts, […]

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Don’t Let Cowboys Tackle Your Wasps

With the increase in wasp numbers this year, a rise in cowboy exterminators has been reported to consumer advice bodies.  Numerous homeowners have been charged well over the odds in their haste to get rid of wasp nests. If you have a wasp problem you should ask for recommendations and also to get prices from […]

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Taking The Sting Out Of Wasps

A stingerless wasp no bigger than a grain of rice is the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s latest pest management tool in the ongoing effort to control infestations of the light-brown apple moth, an invasive agricultural and environmental pest. “These tiny wasps are harmless to people and pets, but they have a big appetite […]

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Spring sunshine already attracting wasps to gardens

During March 2012, England has experienced  sunshine over its towns, parks and beaches. However, the sun has also welcomed back a more familiar figure, and definitely not a pleasant one either, – Vespula vulgaris, or, more commonly known as – Wasps. Wasps usually build their nests in spring, depending on climatic conditions. In this case, […]

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