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Merlin Environmental featured in Pest Control Magazine

Merlin Environmental was recently featured in a Pest Control magazine . The issue being raised is pests being attracted to hospitals. Adam Juson from Merlin Environmental comments and elaborates how pest control techniques have to be implemented for budget cuts. Excerpt: Pest species such as rodents, birds and insects will be attracted to any building […]

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Spring season attracts squirrels into your loft!

Grey squirrels are skilled climbers. Before you know it, they are smart at gaining access into inaccessible areas of your house such as lofts. Even if you do not live near a forestry area, telephone lines act as a pathway for potential intruders onto your roof. Once onto your roof, all it takes is one […]

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Need to stop feeding gulls

Need to stop feeding gulls Seagulls are frequently being spotted around towns. They are moving to more urban areas such as roofs to nest. This is because people occasionally give seagulls a bit of food or two, thus, lets gulls know that food is always readily available. Seagulls are large birds and can range up […]

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Pest problem in Redhill? Don’t worry!

Pest problem in Redhill? Don’t worry! The good thing about Merlin Pest Control is that we branch out our services all across Surrey and Sussex. We have a local team of experts situated in Redhill ready to tackle any infestation in any establishment. If you are running a local business and you have a pest […]

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