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Is your house infected with Mice?

One of the more quicker and agile pests to grow in or around the outskirts of your house are house mice.  If your house is attracting mice then it should not be a matter to be taken lightly – mice can pose a serious health risk to you and your family by carrying infectious diseases. […]

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10 Myths about Mice

Have you ever heard a friend describe how they’ve just seen a cute little mouse in the house? They might even leave morsels of cheddar out for it and give it a name, just like a pet… Before they know it, their little visitor makes an appearance several times a day, every day of the […]

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Mice Can Cause Asthma

There’s no two ways about it, mice can pose a serious health risk and an asthma attack is one of the worst of them. Asthma symptoms, which include extreme difficulty breathing and painful wheezing, happen when allergens irritate the lungs. Such allergens are found in mouse urine that dries on dust particles. The particles are […]

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Get rid of Mice

Get rid of Mice Once mice has been attracted to your home from food or rubbish left outside, mice can be a dangerous thing to have in your home or office. According to research, mice are capable of carrying over 200 different diseases*. They are not afraid of humans and are known to live in […]

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