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Merlin Environmental featured on the BBC

Merlin Environmental have recently been featured on the BBC documentary series, Human Planet. Our short film exposes what it’s like to live with bed bugs, and how our bed bug dogs can detect an infestation. As the film highlights, living with bed bugs can be incredibly unpleasant. Falling asleep whilst knowing there are bed bugs […]

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Bed Bugs – Tips for Travellers

We are often contacted to deal with bed bug infestations where the exposure route is believed to be overseas travel. Below is a brief guide for travellers trying to minimise their exposure to bed bugs. These are the procedures our bed bug control technicians and consultants use when working away from home, they work globally […]

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Heat treament to get rid of insect infestations

Heat treament to get rid of insect infestations Well aware of the environmental impact of chemical treatments, Merlin Environmental now use heat treatment to treat bed bug infestations. Over the years we have used a number of environmental manipulation techniques to resolve pest problems. By far the use of heat to control insect activity has […]

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