Bird Control



There are number of bird control methods available ranging from visual and sound deterrents, simple proofing systems such as spikes or netting, to highly advanced systems that change the birds’ behaviour.

Birds of Prey are an excellent way to deter pest species of birds including pigeons and seagulls.

However we have proven that this is not a method that should be entered into on its own.

With our experience in the management of the largest airport in England we have developed a bird dispersal program that incorporates the following methods:

  • Live birds of prey flights
  • Visual deterrents in the form of lasers and scare kites
  • Bio acoustics in the form of distress calls and pyrotechnics, we have specially adapted vehicles with the bio acoustics installed and speaker systems for mobile ability.
  • Trapping as and when required.

John-and-birdThis in our experience is the best method of control when all different methods are combined. We can change the method that we use on the day of visit depending on the requirement. If the need is for hawking then the bird will fly, or we could utilize the bio acoustics while introducing the live bird at ground level with some additional laser movement. The decision of method will be made by the technician on the day of the visit as to what control is required. If at the time of the technician’s visit birds are found within the unit the technician will also ensure that these birds are removed in the most effective and staff friendly manner possible, this may be with the use of scaring lasers or indeed by way of trapping.

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