Bed Bug Detection & Control

Who we help

Who we help

Bed bugs can live anywhere – in beds, walls, floors, clothing, wardrobes, luggage and kitchens. Once infested, they breed quickly and spread throughout your property. Based in London, we work throughout the UK in the following types of property:

Hotels and B&Bs

Over the last few years the level of bed bug activity has increased in hotels across the UK. Bed bugs can damage your reputation as a hotelier as a bad review on the internet can drive customers away.

Merlin has a carefully crafted bed bug detection and treatment programme especially for hotels, both big and small. We can treat everything from mattresses to luggage. Find out more about how we help hotels here and B&Bs here.

You can read about our hotel work in a case study here.

Aircrafts and Airports

Some countries have cited bed bugs as potential threats to biosecurity and their eradication is promoted in national codes of best practice.

We have a proven bed bug control strategy specifically for aircraft and airports. We can detect infestation areas quickly using our bed bug detection dogs and using our heat treatment technologies we can bring aircraft back to full service. Read more.

Cruise liners

Our bed bug detection dogs can sweep an entire cruise ship in a fraction of the time it takes a human. And our treatment technologies guarantee 100% eradication.


We’ve seen a rise in the amount of infested campervans over the years. Sporadic occupancy means bed bugs can breed and thrive undetected.


If you think you have a bed bug infestation (see our About Bed Bugs page for signs and symptoms) it’s best to call us as soon as possible. We strongly advise against using home treatments for bed bugs. They do not eradicate 100% and the problem will soon return. Read more.