Bed Bug Detection & Control

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Merlin Environmental are the UK’s leading providers of hat treatment, the environmentally friendly method proven to completely get rid of bed bugs and other insect infestations.

Bed bug heat treatment involves putting infested items in ‘protective capsules’ and then pumping in hot air. The temperature is monitored to make sure there are no cold spots that would allow bugs or eggs to survive.

The benefits of heat treatment

As well as being environmentally-friendly it is also the most effective method of eradication. For example, a hotel room can be back in use within a few hours, whereas using chemicals will result in a room being out of commission for days.

Heat treatment offers several benefits:

  • Reduced ‘down time’: treated areas can be used as soon as the treatment is over. There is no need to wait for pesticide residues to disappear, making the eradication fast.
  • Immediate eradication – A single treatment kills all bugs and eggs in that treatment area.
  • Non-toxic (chemical -free) – Before heat treatment came along, methyl bromide was used to kill bed bugs. ‘Lethal methyl’ is an extremely powerful fumigant. Heat treatment is a direct replacement for it.
  • Much cheaper – One heat treatment is much cheaper than using chemicals, which often require multiple treatments. There are no secondary costs for disposal of untreatable items either.

bed bug heat-treatment unit

The Merlin difference: cutting-edge heat technologies

Merlin have developed cutting-edge heat treatment technologies that have earned us the reputation as a leader in the field in London, the UK and abroad.

Over the last decade we’ve developed a number of new heat innovation products that have been used around the world.

  • We’ve built different sized heat units – from 3kw to 300kw – this means we are more time- efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • In partnership with an insulation developer, we have developed a 21 layer heat blanket that reduces heat loss through a treatment capsule. This means we can treat larger areas with smaller heaters.
  • We have invented a cutting-edge monitoring system which means our clients can log into the treatment data stream in real time. This has been useful when our clients are in different countries. For example: eradication in hotels or cruise liners.
  • Our mobile heat treatment service was initially developed for the hospitality industry. We devised the system so luggage could be treated overnight in cases where the customer had experienced an infestation. Our mobile system can eradicate bugs from most small items that are infested.
  • Along with our mobile service, we also have offsite heat treatment facilities in Surrey, Sussex, Nottinghamshire and Cambridgeshire where we can treat larger items such as furniture.

Why hotels use heat treatment

Merlin manage bed bug control for many leading hotel chains as well as individual premises. Our bed bug detection and heat treatment minimises down time – a room can be back in use within hours – and the reporting ensures that hotels can prove that they do not have bed bugs, avoiding potential fraudulent claims from visitors.

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