Bed Bug Detection & Control

Bed Bug Detection Dogs


Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Why dogs are the fastest bed bug control solution

Bed bug detection dogs are the most efficient and accurate way to find bed bugs. Our dogs can sniff out bed bugs in a fraction of the time it takes any human or machine. They can find bugs in just 2-3 minutes – with pinpoint accuracy.

The dogs can find infestations in domestic and commercial properties including;

  • Homes
  • Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts
  • Aircraft and Airports
  • Schools and Universities
  • Ships

And they are carefully trained by our experts to work proficiently and discreetly. We are based in London but work all over the UK and abroad.


Our team

We have a team of expert dog handlers who bring search experience from organisations. Of course the most important members of the team our our dogs. Meet two of them, Charlie Brown and Basil Brush.

How do bed bug detection dogs work?

Bed bug dogs work in the same way as those used for narcotics or explosives.

They are trained specifically to find the unique scent profile of live bed bugs. They are highly accurate and are able to tell the difference between live and dead bugs. They can sniff out bugs in places humans often miss or can’t see – such as under floorboards or in walls.

Why use dogs for bed bug detection?

Dogs are an efficient and environmentally friendly solution to a bed bug infestation. There are many benefits to using detection dogs:

  • Speed and accuracy – Our dogs are accurate over 98% of the time. They can identify an infestation within three minutes. It takes up to 20 minutes for a human to do the same.
  • Price – It costs much less to employ one dog and a handler to search your entire property. Hiring a team of human bed bug detectives is more expensive and less accurate.
  • Discreet and hardworking – Our dogs are trained to be discreet. They won’t bark, scratch or disturb you. They are also trained to work hard.
  • Dogs are thorough – Detection dogs will sniff out every infested area.
  • Greater peace of mind – using a bed bug control method that is over 98% accurate all of the time gives you greater peace of mind.

What makes them so effective?

Our dogs work for play, toys and love. The welfare of our dogs is very important to us and they are an integral part of our team. Our dogs are trained by experts. The training program has been developed from over 12 years of specialist research.

  • Hiding techniques – Every day we put the dogs to work by planting scents in real settings. That way we can be sure the dogs perform to their optimal level at all times.
  • Hygiene maintenance – We put a lot of work into our dogs’ hygiene. This not only ensures healthy, happy animals but makes sure their senses are completely fresh and clean for detection.
  • Daily training exercises – We document each daily training session so we can carefully monitor our dogs.
  • Building relationships – All our animals live at home with handlers and their families. It’s important our dogs are happy and loved, and living with a family ensures they have good temperaments.

How can our dogs help you?

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in your business or home, call Merlin today on 0207 965 7543.

One of our experts will be happy to talk to you about our detection dogs and exactly how they can help. We are based in London and work all over the UK and abroad.