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Wasp Life-Cycle

Wasps have a life cycle consisting of four stages: 1. egg, 2. larva, 3. pupa, 4. and adult. This is called “complete metamorphosis”. The entire process from egg to adult takes several weeks to finish. Wasp colonies have a distinct caste system. It includes: 1. Queens – fertile females which lay eggs, 2. Drones – […]

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Spheksophobia – Wasp Phobia

Top tips for dealing with wasp phobia: Try to stop the feeling of panic, the situation will pass away quickly if you are in control Breathe slowly and deeply. This is something you can practice so that it will come naturally to you when the need arises Move slowly and carefully away from the wasp(s) […]

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Merlin Environmental featured on the BBC

Merlin Environmental have recently been featured on the BBC documentary series, Human Planet. Our short film exposes what it’s like to live with bed bugs, and how our bed bug dogs can detect an infestation. As the film highlights, living with bed bugs can be incredibly unpleasant. Falling asleep whilst knowing there are bed bugs […]

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