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Wasp Nests

You should take great care when dealing with wasps as they have a potent sting and can attack in large numbers if disturbed or threatened. A lone wasp trapped indoors can be dealt with using a wasp & fly killer spray.  If you are experiencing high numbers of wasps in your home or garden it is […]

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Nuisance Wasps

Wasps can cause mayhem in the summer garden, especially when you are eating outside. However, it is important to realise that wasps are a vital part of the garden’s natural balance and devour pests such as caterpillars and aphids.  Early in the season wasps feed this protein source to their young, who exude a sweet […]

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Wasps Growing in Numbers

In 2010 calls to wasp nest removal companies trebled over a few months due to warm weather and households allowing nests to go untreated due to having to cut back on spending. The National Pest Technicians Association warns that people should not attempt to remove wasps nests themselves.  In 2010 that organisation saw a 47% […]

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