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Facts About Wasps

There are almost 300 species of wasps in the British Isles. Only the female wasp stings. Wasps do not die after stinging. There are 3 groups of classification for wasps – parasitic, social and solitary. Only the Queen common wasp – a social wasp – survives the winter by hibernating. The common wasp makes her […]

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Don’t Let Cowboys Tackle Your Wasps

With the increase in wasp numbers this year, a rise in cowboy exterminators has been reported to consumer advice bodies.  Numerous homeowners have been charged well over the odds in their haste to get rid of wasp nests. If you have a wasp problem you should ask for recommendations and also to get prices from […]

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Heat Treatment to Treat Insect Infestations

Heat Treatment is the environmentally friendly way of treating insect infestations. In its simplest form infested items are encased in a protective capsule and heated air is pumped into the capsule. The temperature is monitored constantly using multiple temperature sensors. At the end of the treatment, a graphical record is produced to confirm the temperature […]

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