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Taking The Sting Out Of Wasps

A stingerless wasp no bigger than a grain of rice is the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s latest pest management tool in the ongoing effort to control infestations of the light-brown apple moth, an invasive agricultural and environmental pest. “These tiny wasps are harmless to people and pets, but they have a big appetite […]

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Bed Bugs – Tips for Travellers

We are often contacted to deal with bed bug infestations where the exposure route is believed to be overseas travel. Below is a brief guide for travellers trying to minimise their exposure to bed bugs. These are the procedures our bed bug control technicians and consultants use when working away from home, they work globally […]

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A wasp never forgets a face

A wasp never forgets a face Primates have a face recognition system that enables them to distinguish between individuals, and now, according to a recent study, it seems some wasps do too. But the new study has also found wasps are likely to have evolved their ability quite separately and it may work in a […]

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Merlin Environmental featured in Pest Control Magazine

Merlin Environmental was recently featured in a Pest Control magazine . The issue being raised is pests being attracted to hospitals. Adam Juson from Merlin Environmental comments and elaborates how pest control techniques have to be implemented for budget cuts. Excerpt: Pest species such as rodents, birds and insects will be attracted to any building […]

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Heat treament to get rid of insect infestations

Heat treament to get rid of insect infestations Well aware of the environmental impact of chemical treatments, Merlin Environmental now use heat treatment to treat bed bug infestations. Over the years we have used a number of environmental manipulation techniques to resolve pest problems. By far the use of heat to control insect activity has […]

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