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Spring sunshine already attracting wasps to gardens

During March 2012, England has experienced  sunshine over its towns, parks and beaches. However, the sun has also welcomed back a more familiar figure, and definitely not a pleasant one either, – Vespula vulgaris, or, more commonly known as – Wasps. Wasps usually build their nests in spring, depending on climatic conditions. In this case, […]

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Spring season attracts squirrels into your loft!

Grey squirrels are skilled climbers. Before you know it, they are smart at gaining access into inaccessible areas of your house such as lofts. Even if you do not live near a forestry area, telephone lines act as a pathway for potential intruders onto your roof. Once onto your roof, all it takes is one […]

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Need to stop feeding gulls

Need to stop feeding gulls Seagulls are frequently being spotted around towns. They are moving to more urban areas such as roofs to nest. This is because people occasionally give seagulls a bit of food or two, thus, lets gulls know that food is always readily available. Seagulls are large birds and can range up […]

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Is your house infected with Mice?

One of the more quicker and agile pests to grow in or around the outskirts of your house are house mice.  If your house is attracting mice then it should not be a matter to be taken lightly – mice can pose a serious health risk to you and your family by carrying infectious diseases. […]

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